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Thread: Web Audio API not available on this browser

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    Web Audio API not available on this browser

    I want to check out Web Audio APi for a web page I'm building but I get a message to the effect that my browser doesn't support it. My browser is Firefox version 20 for ubuntu. I've looked at the Web Audio API compatibility table and it says version 23, at least, is needed for the WA API. On Synaptic, the current FF is 20. How do I get a later version?

    any help much appreciated.

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    Re: Web Audio API not available on this browser

    Yes, 23 is the latest version of Firefox. You will need to upgrade anyway because support for 10.04 has ended (i.e. no more security and other updates) and that's why you are left with an older version of Firefox.

    Your version of Firefox, that is 20, is/could be full of potential vulnerabilities that have since been patched in its latest version, so it is not wise to continue using it.

    Thus, if you upgrade to 12.04 (upgrades directly to 12.04 from 10.04 are supported) you will always have an up-to-date version of Firefox. 12.04 is supported until 2017.

    Hope that helps.


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