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Thread: Thoughts on dropping ReiserFS support

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    Re: Thoughts on dropping ReiserFS support

    Quote Originally Posted by Temüjin View Post
    It doesn't seem any different than dropping OSS audio or support for non-PAE CPU's. Ubuntu used to be a distro more accommodating to older machines and backwards compatibility. For better or worse, it's no longer that distro...
    OSS is not about older hardware, but old deprecated unmaintained audio software; and PAE about a small percentage of a small percentage of Pentium M CPUs (even Pentium 2 is PAE capable for example).

    ReiserFS is unmaintained (as a software, not only as a debian package) and and that isn't going to change, only maybe if Reiser is acquitted of his murder charges...

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    Re: Thoughts on dropping ReiserFS support

    ^I didn't mean to imply that those were "bad" decisions. I'm just saying that there are better distros out there for folks who need stuff like non-PAE support or still have some disks with reiserfs partition.

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