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Thread: /run/resolvconf/interface/eth0.*

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    Which files are „responsible“ for generating following files:
    I have some relict dns-namesrvers which propagate into this files even though I've cleaned all the places I could think of...
    Yes, I've made /etc/resolv.conf, for makeshift sake, static, not a symlink, in order to curcumvent this trouble, but I would like to learn how to remove these relicts from my machine...
    Thank You in advance for any hint...

    Update₁: Simply erasure of files mentioned above through proper instutions of system (via resolvconf and couple of tweks in the meantime) did not propagate before/after reboot... Still having „static“ resolv.conf, chasing atavisms that could come, even, from IP... We will see...

    Update₂: Now it is solved... Two solutions:
    1. Proper configuring of dnsmasq (turn off uso of resolvconf in dnsmasq and put wanted nemservers directly in dnsmasq. I've been using this befor lar install and I can not remember why I gave it up to use resolvsonf...)...


    echo "manual" | sudo tee /etc/init/resolv.override
    Update₃: There is a third solution that I like most... Prevent only refresh of /etc/resolv.conf... My question about atavisms still stand but it will wait for better tims... Ergo:
    :~$ cat /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks.d/nodnsupdate 
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