I have seen that there are already forums about this problems but alas, they didn't help me. I installed the Nvidia drivers(Nvidia-current) on Ubuntu 13.4(witch was working quite nicely before that but i needed the drivers so a certain game would run without crashing on me, since that's what the forums said i needed to do.),and after reboot i come to an empty desktop, no side bar launcher thingy, "start menu" or anything, as well as my borders of my windows are gone, and from what i've searched, i believe basically Unity isn't running. Luckuly enough i could right click-create a new folder and i searched for mozzila to get here.
I tried to purge unninstall nvidia and nvidia current , and they did unninstall, then reboot, but it didn't fix anything.
Tried to launch the unitiy, (though ccsm i belive) witch made a big load of pop ups that other programs are not running as well, and after enabling averything...nothing happened. Reboot after that didn't work ether.
Reinstall nvidia current back didn't help.
Don't remeber if i did anyhting apart from that, i've been at this for quite a while now
So, if anyone can help me, that would be very appreciated ^^