In all the hype for Ubuntu Touch, I haven't come across any information regarding how Touch can be used on touch-screen computers. I am contemplating the ASUS TX300CA, which is not a true tablet, it is a tablet-format hybrid notebook PC, with an Intel i7 in it.

I think that hybrids (PC ultrabooks that turn into tablets one way or another) are the future of mobile computing. Let's face it - most tablets are toys. They are great media players and phones, wonderful portable gaming systems and great for social media and web browsing. But no-one is using them for their hard-core applications - document publishing, web development, database management, accounting and finance, presentation development, graphics design.

Hybrids bridge the gap, and give you the best of both worlds - full PC power with great portability, and both pointer/keyboard and touch interfaces. All the traditional applications are available, and touch applications are also present.

So, can I install Ubuntu on a hybrid (Surface, Asus TX series, HP Elite convertable series) and get touch capability and touch apps, like Windows 8 allows?