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Thread: forum email change request

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    forum email change request

    I've successfully signed in via SSO and linked my accounts via the email address on file with the forum ( That works fine, and I can log in to the forum and view all of my old posts, profile, etc. However I no longer own the domain, and I'd like to change the forum settings to use my current email address (************ I've changed my preferred email in the SSO to the correct one, and logged out and back into the forums. It still retains the link between my accounts correctly, however in the forum settings it's still got <snip>. I tried to change it, but it doesn't recognize my password, and the forgot password link doesn't work. (whew... that was a mouthful of details)

    So, the simple request is, can you change the forum email to my current SSO preferred email address? Or does it even matter? I just want to make sure if I get forum replies I get an email.

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    Re: forum email change request

    Once you have logged in using SSO, we can change your email address to whatever you want. As you found there is a bug in the ability to change your email yourself. Since all the passwords where randomized, and we don't use passwords to login, you can't change your email addres. PM me with the email address you want to use.


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