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Can I ask why I should have done a fresh install instead of an upgrade? If Ubuntu works correctly, shouldn't an upgrade work just fine?
The recommendation for a fresh install often boils down to "I don't know why it's broken, but I know this will fix it." Time to diagnose minor issues can get expensive quickly.
For example, if you change a setting (and then forget you changed it), an upgrade won't reset the setting. But a reinstall will.

Upgrades are tested to be a safe path. I use upgrades in some situations. (One production machine upgraded since 2008 with no problems)
New-installs are also tested to be a safe path. I use reinstalls in some situations. (Lots of customizations to undo, or standard images for lots of machines)
I think it's a simple matter of your preference, and how much time you have available to troubleshoot the issue.

As to why a current application is crashing when a previous version didn't, that's a whole different thread for discussion. It could be a corrupt preferences or data file, it could be a bug in the application, it could be hardware failure, it could be a lot of things.