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Thread: iPod Classic Not Recognised by Ubuntu 13.04

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    Talking iPod Classic Not Recognised by Ubuntu 13.04

    Hello friends!

    I have an iPod Classic (120Gb), and everything was working fine a couple of months ago. Mysteriously, when I plug the device in my pc it is not recognised by the OS any more. I'm using Ubuntu 13.04. Whilst the iPod charges normally when plugged into the USB, I cannot access its library with any music software. Any ideas?

    Thanks a million!

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    Re: iPod Classic Not Recognised by Ubuntu 13.04

    Apple works hard to do everything it can to prevent its devices from working in Linux. Sometimes an update to the device breaks the ability to detect the device. Here's some information on the state of getting the two universes to work together: (the link says iPhone, but the information applies to iPads and iPods as well).

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