I have an ultranotebook (Acer Aspire S5 with Windows 7) configured from the factory as RAID0 for speed by using raid with its two 128GB sata drives. My goal is to convert the laptop to a dual boot with Win7 on one drive, Ubuntu on the second drive. How to prepare for this without losing the Windows 7? I have never done e.g. a Clonezilla disk image clone of a dual-drive raid0 operating system before. Not sure what to expect if I boot a Clonezilla live CD and attempt to do an image clone, what to clone, and will the resulting cloned disc image restore okay to a single non-raid disc when I go to convert to two drives each with its own operating system. And per the BIOS, I will have a choice (after I first do a clonezilla image backup of the existing Windows 7 OS) to change the drive configuration from RAID to IDE or ATAPAI-- which should I choose, IDE or ATAPI at that point?