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Thread: sftp from 12.04 has bug

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    Exclamation sftp from 12.04 has bug

    You can find the bug by doing following:
    1. stty -echo
    2. sftp user@server
    key in password as required.
    3. cd /
    4. ls -l
    5. bye
    6. stty -a

    By right, the sftp commands entered in step 3-5 and the command entered after sftp exits at step 6 shouldn't be visible, but they do.
    I tested sftp on other UNIX/Linux platforms, found Solaris/AIX/HP-UX and RHEL 5.5 all work properly. So this bug needs be fixed.

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    Re: sftp from 12.04 has bug

    Is it also present in 13.10?
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