Hey everyone! This is pretty much what I'm looking for, I can't take screenshots because of my drivers as it only gives me a black screen with just the cursor, which are the fglrx proprietary drivers. Everyone says that this isn't fixable, this is important to the issue I'm having because I can't record my desktop either, I'm using SimpleScreenRecorder so I can stream to Twitch.TV. I get the same result for my output when I record my desktop, that being black screen with only the cursor.

I'm basically looking for a driver that gives decent 3D performance that will also let me screen cast. Or maybe even a workaround for fglrx users! And while I'm here, I get black windows too, like the Steam window will be all black, no buttons showing, but they're clickable, as I had to learn to memorize where buttons are because of this. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!