Hello all, this is my first post here so I appoligize for lacking in details or specifications (if you need clarification please ask). I am new to ubuntu (I bought a netbook online and it came with ubuntu on it) and have the urge to play an old game, Heroes of Might and Magic II-Gold Edition. I did a few hours of research online on how this can be done with linux and found that the place to start is Wine, so I installed it with a tutorial. I then needed dosbox which was also an easy install. I think that I set all the paths correctly because the game boots up and all the colors seem fine. The problem I have run into is that the game is asking for the CD to be able to play anything but multiplayer and the install didnt come with an ISO file to mount as a CD. The game is from GOG and here is the link I used to get as far as I am now http://www.gogwiki.com/wiki/Heroes_o...:_Gold_Edition

Now it appears in the tutorial that the last few lines of the config. file including mounting for the CD but nothing I have tried has worked

mount C "/home/user/.games/homm2"
imgmount d "/home/user/.games/homm2/homm2.inst" -t iso -fs iso

Any help would be appreciated