I cut my teeth with ver.4.1, went all Ubuntu with 6 LTS, and have stayed with the LTS versions since. 10.04 LTS has reminded me of Windows XP Pro, considered by many Win users as the last rock solid, reliable versions of Windows. Microsoft's later attempts at bigger, newer, better produced nightmares for many; and, may have helped many to switch to Linux. I watched 12.04 for a year hoping that with any new version any bugs would be worked out; and, then installed it on one of my PC's.

For me, 12.04 has just been another attempt at a newer, fancier version like so many of the Win XP Pro follow-ons were from MS. The Unity desktop, ugh! I switched back to gnome, and still was neither happy, nor comfortable with 12.04.

Yes, I'm complaining: Canonical/Ubuntu, you can do better than MS. Why emulate them with this gee whiz desktop and new versions when improvement of the good, solid 10.04 would have garnered more users from Windows than the newer versions of Ubuntu have. No one knows how many users we have lost - moved to another version of Linux, or acquiesced back to MS.

Bottom line: would not recommend 12.04 LTS; would advise to wait for the next LTS.