So I am on a quest to find ways to back up my tweaked ubuntu/linux installation. Have a thread going elsewhere about using tar for this, that is going fine, doing a tar backup as I type this post actually. Can then backup my tarball to a networked data drive. But I came across this webpage explaining how to possibly backup to a blu-ray BD-R disc and I want to give it a try. If anybody else is interested, the game is afoot and I welcome collaborators to see if a filesystem can be backed up to blu-ray.
Involves some strange new linux commands, always a good thing to learn a few new commands. I have a blu ray burner and some 35GB BD-R data discs so what the heck, why not give it a try. My goal is to backup my installed linux system ("/") and all the files in it, excluding /proc, /home, and excluding any external filesystems mounted in / such as /Windows7