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Thread: No way of easily using PGP/GPG any more?

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    No way of easily using PGP/GPG any more?

    PGP/GPG signing and encrypting files used to be sort of easy using Ubuntu. For a few years I was using a Gedit plugin that allowed me to do it via the clipboard for plain text files, for example. There was also a Nautilus plugin so you could encrypt, decrypt or clear sign anything on your desktop.

    But in recent releases, it all seems to have gone back to the command line.

    Does anyone know if Ubuntu will ever support strong encryption on the desktop again? It's kinda ironic that with all the NSA stuff going on, Ubuntu seems to be peddling in the opposite direction of freedom and privacy

    I mean, yes I have the command-line, but hey it's not 1993.

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    Re: No way of easily using PGP/GPG any more?

    seahorse-tool ( nautilus plugin) sorta work here in 12.04, just not with files on the Desktop with the plugin. That may be something Gnome did as the Desktop isn't important to them
    In 13.04/.10 both are broken, I'd assume there is a bug or 2 on that, haven't looked though there is in Fedora

    There was a fix, likely will show in 13.10, not so in 13.04
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