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Thread: Need IRC client with SASL

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    Need IRC client with SASL

    Hi, Yes I have seen the freenode list and for Ubuntu (12.04 or any) thre is no client I can find with SASL built in and the scripts on line dont work.

    AFAIK. Alas.

    In that list many are for other platforms, exclusively. Others take scrips, as I mentioned.
    There are a few that seem more like project than completed works that do not specify platform, that I know of, and I cant see how to install.

    Confession: I only install with apt-get.

    In addition I tried irssi but it seems to have a GUI version I have to do :some stuff" I don't understand and thus cant follow. And that's before I try to install the separate script for SASL.

    I am pretty lost here. I should tell you why I need SASL. My internet supply comes through my phone and since freenode finds that less than secure, I have to authenticate with SASL.


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    Re: Need IRC client with SASL

    Actually, this is probably your best bet.

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    Re: Need IRC client with SASL

    Quote Originally Posted by oldos2er View Post
    Indeed it does but looks like at the moment there is a small issue with sasl authentication with Freenode in that only PLAINTEXT is supported and not BLOWFISH. For irssi this means:

    /script load
    /sasl set Freenode <primary-nick> <password> PLAIN
    /sasl save
    is required at least for the next little while rather than DH-BLOWFISH. Should not be a big drama as this occurs over an SSL connection but it is a slight decrease in security. Not sure how other irc clients need their settings adjusted....
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