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Thread: Kdenlive -- buzzing noise appears after editing

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    Kdenlive -- buzzing noise appears after editing

    I'm still somewhat new to Ubuntu and completely new to editing video with Ubuntu. (I'm an escapee from Windows Movie Maker.) Anyway, I was thrilled to see how straightforward and powerful Kdenlive was, but I'm having a simple problem which I can't solve.

    Momentary buzzes seem to embed themselves in the audio.

    All I do is import a video clip. I can put it in either an audio track or video track. I make a cut to the audio, and the buzzes which are a fraction of a second in duration appear in the audio.

    Any ideas on how I can trouble shoot this are appreciated.


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    Re: Kdenlive -- buzzing noise appears after editing

    hi ranger never used it with a ready-made video only to mux image and sound

    but guessing here

    if it is already a video maybe do your cutting in the video line not the audio line and see if you still get the buzz [maybe you have tried this] also are yo getting this buzz when you play back in kdenlive or in your new muxed file? you did not say
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    Re: Kdenlive -- buzzing noise appears after editing

    Thanks for the reply. I actually did make that mistake initially, but then I tried separate video and audio lines. Eventually, I just found a different editor -- Avidemux. I did all my cutting there and then only used Kdenlive to add pics to the video.

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