hello, i got running 12.04lts,

i have an 2500k processor, on an sandy bridge motherboard, with video (ati) onboard.
today i runned an update and installed a new kernel 3.5.0-40 generic 686

now restarting the pc: the pc is extremely slow to boot.

it takes 25 seconds before it starts to boot, the first 25 seconds it seems to do nothing... (is it looking for a boot device ? ?)

then when i'm entering into the grub console and run the new kernel it never gets the to login screen; when i hit ctrl alt del, all of a sudden the purple background appears and the ubuntu brand appears and the system shuts down.

when 'im entering in the grub the "safe modus" i'm seeing a number of options.
(i have repaired broken packages)
(i have cleaned space)
(i have dropped to console but could not do anything because it was not mounted)

when i let the pc run into normal boot, i hit the prompt;
whatever i type into the prompt, after a few minutes the screen doesn't show anything anymore, and i cannot do anyhting exept ctrl-alt-delete. (if i'm fast and do a sudo apt-get update, and sudo apt-get upgrade: there seems to nothing left to be upgraded.....

anybody knows what is going on ?