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Thread: Configuring Startup - unwanted apps starting

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    Lightbulb Configuring Startup - unwanted apps starting

    My question is related to the question at the top of this thread, but as if in reverse. I have programs that have begun to open when I start the computer and Xubuntu boots up. Neither Thunderbird, nor Pidgin, nor the Opera browser, appear in the list found in "Application Autostart" under "Session and Startup," but all have recently begun to open automatically. The program "Notes" appears on that list, is NOT selected, but opens automatically, anyway.

    Is there a way to repair this? It makes for a slow and annoying boot-up each morning. I cannot report what might have caused this to occur. I have no idea.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Configuring Startup - unwanted apps starting

    Post moved to it's own thread Absolute Beginners Section.

    Go to Settings Manager - Session and Autostart - Session

    At the bottom Clear Saved Sessions


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