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Thread: LiveCD works fine, but I can't install

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    Re: LiveCD works fine, but I can't install

    Thanks again for your patience and helpfulness!
    My pleasure ! But it's you who got it sorted.

    For others, it may not be just one of the drivers, may as well be one of the updates causing kernel panic during configuration.

    The take-home lesson is - do not enable "Updates" and "Third party software" during installation when having such crash issues. You can do these later when the system is installed.
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    Re: LiveCD works fine, but I can't install

    I would endorse that view. I once had a perfectly good iso image that booted into live mode just fine but would give a kernel panic on attempting to install.
    Having realised that I had ticked the download updates box I tried again without it being checked and the installation went ahead normally.
    Not sure what caused it exactly, but it worked.

    Glad to hear you've got it installed anyway.
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