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Thread: unable to get back to the topic after logging in

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    unable to get back to the topic after logging in

    Whenever I want an answer to a question/doubt or some procedure about ubuntu, I 'google' for an answer on the web.

    Generally, the answer is in 'Ubuntu Forum', or 'ask Ubuntu' or a similar site.

    When I click on the topic shown in the browser under 'Ubuntu Forum' (out of thousands of sites shown in the browser), I can access and read the reply/discussion.

    The forum page also shows on top that log in has changed or something similar.

    When I log in from the page open with the topic, I am taken to the 1st page, showing all sections (absolute beginner etc) and not to the topic/question through which I had accessed the forum.

    For example, I had 'googled' today about upgrading the distribution and this was listed under Ubuntu Forum, as soon as I opened that page I could read the discussion but when I logged in, the 1st page came up

    The only way I can read the discussion is without logging in which was not the case with old logging in method.

    I hope I have been able to put across my predicament clearly.

    Also my name and user name is Yash Pal but after logging in Yash_Pal2 is welcomed and Yash Pal is nowhere.

    Any solution please?

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    Re: unable to get back to the topic after logging in

    As far as the account issue goes - post in Resolution Centre - AFTER reading the stickies in here and RC.

    If you know you're going to be coming to the forum after a google search - login first.


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