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Thread: Mednafen Cheats

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    Question Mednafen Cheats

    Hello Ubuntu universe! I've created an account for the sole purpose of figuring out how to use Ubuntu (Linux on a Chromebook. It was missing some pieces that would've made life easier). But after just a week of brain-wracking, googling, coding, and downloading, I've figured out a decent set-up on my Chromebook. No heavy gaming as I don't entirely trust the lap-top's hardware, but some decent emulators for gaming. Zsnes for my favorites like Chrono Trigger. The only thing that continues to give me grief is Mednafen, the multi-system emulator that is completely command-line driven.

    Now onto the issue at hand: Cheats. After finally figuring out how to use Mednafen, toggle full-screen and fast-forwarding, I began to search for the one thing that made GBA emulators worth while: Cheats. I use Mednafen only for GBA because, as stated above, I don't entirely trust this hardware. Besides, all of my favorite games are on this system alone.
    I've read countless articles (as in the existing 5-6 forum posts) about cheats in Mednafen. From what I've read, Mednafen uses a RAW code for cheats, which can be easily converted from a Codebreaker code. I've had no luck with these cheats, as the 'guides' are limited to those 2-byte cheats and those that end in the letter 'h.'

    I'd like one or both of two things. A complete guide to cheating in Mednafen and/or a compiled list of cheats for individual games, codes pre-converted so I can simply copy&paste my way to happy gaming.
    There are 4 GBA games that are all equally the best in my eyes. Please find cheats for these games if any.
    1. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.
    2. Pokemon Emerald.
    3. Mega-man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar.
    4. Final Fantasy 6.

    I'm not entirely sure about how cheats would affect Kirby, as even on my Windows PC, using VBA and some Gameshark/Action Replay, cheats weren't entirely useful.
    But for the other three, cheats are definitely most helpful. Any help at all for these will be appreciated. And even after reading those guides to cheating, I only know the bare minimum, which will not pass. I've heard of Mednafen's 'Search' option, but that only works if I find an item or something that I like. In Pokemon, Rare candies are, well..Rare. So the search option would only be used near the middle or end of the game, when I finally get one.

    TL;DR: Need Mednafen-compatible cheats for the 4 games stated above. Guides don't help, please provide actual cheat codes.

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    Re: Mednafen Cheats

    Please help me find these, guys.

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