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Thread: gedit Find somehow disabled

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    gedit Find somehow disabled

    Ok so this has been annoying me for a while. At some point in the last few weeks, I must have accidentally disabled Find in gedit.
    Going into Search > Find, clicking the magnifying glass icon, and the shortcut Ctrl+F all do nothing.

    Oddly, this is only for my profile- Find works just fine if I use (gk)sudo gedit.
    I tried some time ago to uninstall/reinstall gedit, but it didn't seem to do anything.

    I can't imagine what I did to disable Find, save maybe using sudo instead of gksudo a few times; then again, if I recall correctly, I had to install gksu myself
    (I'm running Ubuntu 13.04; if this sounds off let me know).

    If anyone can help me re-enable Find and/or help figure out how I disabled it in the first place, I'd be very thankful.

    (btw Find and Replace works just fine for me, but it's rather cumbersome if all I want to do is look for occurrences and not replace anything)

    Also just realized that go to line also doesn't work as user (works as root). Again, neither the menu option nor the key combination seems to work.
    I guess whatever this problem is has to do with tabs popping up in the corner, but I can't think of any setting like that.
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    Re: gedit Find somehow disabled

    I don't use gedit but could the find utility be a plugin or extension you have inadvertently disabled?
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    Re: gedit Find somehow disabled

    I'm inclined to say no-unless it's located somewhere different from the other plugins, I don't think so; nothing in Edit > Preferences > Plugins looks like a regular find, except maybe the GDP find, but that's for searching through a bunch of files, not the current one; besides I have it enabled. Unless one of these search things i overriding the default...

    Btw another odd thing I noticed- looks as if Ctrl+i centers the line I'm currently on and also removes my cursor temporarily as opposed to opening the go to line panel. Maybe I somehow overwrote these functions?

    --Edit: Just figured out what this is-started removing plugins, and discovered that when my cursor goes away (after pressing Ctrl+i or Ctrl+f), it's because I am able to use these now (maybe they were disabled by the modelines plugin? I don't even know why I enabled that in the first place). However, the little window isn't popping up for either. Still really confused.--
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