Hi there. Running LTS here on a Lenovo E430. Due to continual problems with certain kernels where my laptop would hardlock, I've been installing newer kernels to circumvent that issue as it seems fixed in newer versions. I've been running 3.10.9, which solved the freezing issue, but it introduced a new issue. If I unplug an extended monitor connected to the laptop, when the laptop does the real quick "flash" where it recalibrates the monitors, it makes my brightness 0%. I can hit the brightness up key and it works fine, but it's confusing as to why it does that.

Another issue is if I resume from suspend. When resuming, the brightness is 0% (actually it may be more like 0.05 since I can super super faintly see a login box). Problem is I cannot use my brightness up keys here as they won't work, so I have to type in my password blindly, then try my brightness up key - which works IF I do get logged in.

All of the above is true with 3.10.9. I also installed 3.11.0 this morning, all the same issue. Any thoughts?