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Thread: A truly Spanish installation?

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    A truly Spanish installation?


    I'm from the USA and my wife is from Colombia. She is still more comfortable with Es_CO than with En_US.

    At one point I had my home Ubuntu box working in bilingual mode. Her account should have been all Spanish but in practice a lot of the system messages and dialogs were English.

    In the end she found it all too confusing and we got her a Windows 8 laptop, which is what she wanted. End of that discussion.

    So I'm thinking in terms of cheap computers for her family. Their needs are pretty elementary.

    The question is, what happened with my installations? Are there English-only messages in the operating system, or did I mis-install something, or is Ubuntu language-specific?

    The bad part here is I no longer have Es_CO installed. I can try it again if necessary.

    So what I would like to know is, is there a fluent Spanish speaker out there who has installed Ubuntu (or any variant, or any other Linux distro) such that all of the messages are in Spanish? How do you do it, especially when I don't speak enough Spanish to tell what's going on?


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    Re: A truly Spanish installation?

    Yo soy uno de los traductores al español de Ubuntu. Quizá faltó instalar alguno de los paquetes de idioma, cosa que puedes realizar fácilmente con la aplicación «Soporte de idiomas».


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