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Thread: dungeoncrawl, downloading new version help, make sense of commands?

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    dungeoncrawl, downloading new version help, make sense of commands?

    Hello, can I please have some help with following instructions or what exactly I have to type to download the new version of dungeon crawl.
    Their website instructions are as follows:

    Packages for Debian-based Operating Systems

    We are also offering packages for Debian-based operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, etc) for the architectures i386, amd64 and armel. Add the line from below to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
    deb crawl 0.13
    Additionally you should download and install our signing key to prevent warnings and to verify the packages:
    wget -O - | apt-key add -
    (if not done as root, please insert “sudo” before apt-key)

    The available packages to apt-get are named: crawl, crawl-tiles

    ok, but when i do it, i get a "broken pipeline"

    can someone create a thingymajig that is easier to install, like from ubuntu software, but it only downloads the old version =(

    I would appreciate some help, thanks

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    Red face Re: dungeoncrawl, downloading new version help, make sense of commands?

    OK, it took a little time, but I got crawl-tiles 0.13.0 installed. Here's how I did it:
    1) went to
    2) followed the instructions for adding the repository
    3) had the same error you had
    4) downloaded the crawl-key.gpg file to [wherever] [and thanks for putting the link to that file above]
    5) cd [wherever]
    6) sudo apt-key add crawl-key.gpg
    7) sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install crawl-tiles

    And it worked. A few extra steps, but it runs great on my Acer C7 running Chrubuntu 12.04. I had to search for the apt-key add command myself; it's the old way of doing things, and I'd forgotten. It should work for you; if you have any more trouble, post here.

    This game should really have a PPA, which is Ubuntu's easy way to add repositories, which automatically installs the GPG key. That command is:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:whateverthePPAis/is

    which, as I said, adds everything automatically.
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