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Thread: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

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    Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    I know this is kind of a duplicated thread, but I want to see for myself whether or not the Ubuntu community is up for it.

    The challenge is:

    1. Making a console with the newest performance parts available today

    2. Creating a tool making it easier to create a game with continuous user inputs to improve the quality of the process

    3. Creating a community based developing tool for capturing any physical form of an object that can be used in a game (might as well use the same method as turn 10 did with cars for Forza if necessary)

    The idea is to take shares from both Microsoft and Sony, and create games as close to realism as can be like nothing before, and there shouldn't take long before Apple will get another leg into the gaming business as well, so we better get started.

    The benefits of a community based game is:

    * Continuous user inputs for developing the game
    * Requests being handled by a big and a well organized community
    * Wishing for something to happen will be a breeze
    * Cloud storage
    * Whatever you want to see, can be done

    I have a big hope, as the car addict I am, to see every possible car I wish for, being driven on a track, city, or whatever place it may be, customizing in any possible way, to see diversity, making jobs, establishing a career in game, working your way up as you would in real life, fail or succeed as mean of learning and take it up in real life.
    I want to see Gran Turismo and Forza being beaten to a pulp in the way of gaming, and I can be pretty sure that you at least have one favorite car you want to see in a game, like Detomaso, Delorean, Corvette, Beetle, Lada, Skyline or any other car you would wish for in a car gaming simulator.
    In a community, everything is possible.
    I imagine that a game can be more than just a simple game and that it also can be a good source for learning, and you have to start someplace after all

    At least, I want a proper reply from someone if this is doable and possible, because I won't accept that it's impossible.
    Yeah, it needs a great deal of resources, but it is worth trying, isn't it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    I assume you mean making a Linux based console...

    The biggest issue is that the big names "sony" and "microsoft" sell their systems at a loss and make up the profit in game sales. You can only do this if you are expecting to sell millions of games. While we could build a system with the absolute best components, who will pay 2 to 4 times the amount of the big name consoles to use it? The answer is... Not many.

    There is also a huge hurdle in getting a game developer, or even a group of people to work long hours on a game for a console that is not perceived to be a big contender. A massive amount of resources has to be put into modern games to get them out to the public in a timely manner. A small group of people could develop a game, but by the time they get done, what was top of the line technology when they started will be obsolete when they finish. Long gone are the days of 2 guys programming a game in their basements in their spare time.

    So how do we bring better gaming to Linux?....

    Start buying the games that are available now, encourage others to buy the current Linux games. Get on steam and buy games, and get on developer forums and ask for games to be ported to Linux. If we are going to play, we got to pay. Donate to developers what you can, (or what you believe is fair market value for their work) for the free software that you currently use. Programmers have to eat and pay bills too.

    We need to make Linux known as a serious gaming platform before we could ever get a Linux based console out the door.
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    Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    Good point there.
    This is why I pointed out that a big community can get things done, right?
    If I remember correct, we do have the entire world to communicate with, because if the work are shared, there will be less work for each person and things will be done more quickly, isn't that so?
    Okay, we don't have to use the most expensive parts to create a gaming platform, and a strategy of starting small and careful is a good idea, but I still think it's possible to be better than those big two, just because we have the entire world to collaborate with.
    If enough people want this to happen, it will be done without any bonds and the possibility of freely modify your console or improve your game for the better of the rest of the community is possible.
    Because Linux in general is open source, it can be done freely without violating any rules like Xbox and PS has.
    Because game developers have limited the options in both PS and Xbox consoles, people have to resort to hacking their save file and game to get the desired result, while in open source, it is possible to make improvements without any restrictions, you can have lots of categories with ratings of each function, part or whatever it is, isn't that a good thing worth trying?
    I'm just waiting for it to happen, because I have no terminal skills whatsoever, but I've got lots of ideas waiting to hatch
    Can't forget about those indie developers out there as well, they do a great job if they want to.
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    Post Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    This is a MAJOR challenge, as both consoles use unconventional CPU's; Sony® subcontracts PlayStation® console CPU's to International Business Machines® (in the form of custom MPU's based on the POWER architecture) and Microsoft® subcontracts XBOX® CPU's to nVIDIA®. The POWER MPU's require more code than your typical AMD64 and x86-64, as the POWER chips use a reduced-instruction-set architecture. I haven't much information on the approach used by nVIDIA® on the XBOX® One™ CPU's.

    As of September 2013, the best available CPU for this task seems to be the Intel® Core™ i7™ Extreme™ 3970X (LGA2011), a six-core/twelve-thread powerhouse that dissipates 150W and can address 64 GB DDR3-1600 SDRAM over 4 channels. Large cases, preferably full-towers capable of taking EPS12V workstation boards, are invariably needed for gaming rigs due to the massive amounts of cooling air required for the CPU, mainboard chipset, and video hardware; I'd recommend an Asus® TUF® Sabertooth™ X79 mainboard, Antec® Twelve Hundred™ case and High Current Pro™ 1200 PSU, and a Noctua® NH-C14 (the most efficient CPU cooler available) upgraded with dual Coolertec® SBW14025DFX-F PWM fans, for minimum equipment.

    The video card is a real trick, as both Sony® and Microsoft® use nVIDIA® GPU's, which have a performance edge on the entire Advanced Micro Devices® Radeon® HD™ 7000 Series with the majority of available game software as of September 2013, for their respective consoles. As of September 2013 the best available video card for the task appears to be the Asus® ROG® Ares II™ (C/N ARES2-6GD5) (dual Advanced Micro Devices® Tahiti XT2 GPU's in permanent 2-way CrossFireX™ under a hybrid air/liquid cooling system; 6 GB GDDR5-1650 video memory), which requires two 8-pin PCI-Express auxiliary power feeds.

    As of September 2013, the only audio card that may be able to accomplish the task is the Asus® ROG® XONAR® Phoebus™ (C-Media® CMI-8888DHT PCIe 3.0 x1 DSP), which is already partially supported by the snd-virtuoso driver from the Advanced LinUX Sound Architecture Project.

    (Neither Creative Technology, Ltd., nor nVIDIA Corporation is helping the open-source community with the drivers necessary for a reliable high-performance workstation in LinUX. Furthermore, the Creative Laboratories® SoundCore3D® DSP, used in the most recent Sound Blaster® audio cards, is only supported under Microsoft® Windows® 6-up.)
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    Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    Well, of course they won't help out if their products aren't getting any attention.
    If they could have the opportunity to advertise their products by proving it through gaming, I think they would gladly help a out a little for a limited time.
    For people to notice, it has to be a good combination of parts making up the console.
    I don't think the cpu has to be state of the art, but it has to have enough buffer, say 12 mb, and at least a good graphic card.
    I'm not a genius with components, although I did build 3 workstations that are still working today, so I must have done something right lol...
    I think advertising the things that are being used and a proven demonstration is a good way to start to get the ball rolling, and try to be a little optimistic, this is a community after all and places like these can make miracles happen, if you see is from that angle.
    Giving up before you have actually tried, isn't that really pathetic?
    Linux has been around for how many years now?
    If a console can be made, I will really go out of my way to buy one.
    And I can share my ideas as well, so where do we start?

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    Re: Ubuntu Game console - PS4 and Xbox One crusher

    I'd let Valve handle the Linux-based-console concept first. We cannot make a console without games, and the games won't come until a big time corporation, such as Valve, makes the push.

    Valve has millions of dedicated fans who will buy their product no matter what. Canonical and Ubuntu just aren't well known enough to be able to grasp that kind of attention. Besides, the best thing for Canonical is to become Valve's best friend, not an enemy. I doubt Valve will like it too much if we sent out a competitor to the Steam Box.

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