I check for solution of this problem that I have I found nothing that can solve it on different forum all solutions that I found required some steps that from legal/organisation side are not avaliable to me.
We have domain set on Windows 2008 R2 and file servers, print servers ect whole Microsoft set and I am not it’s admin. In my place most people is MS based, but there is a growing group of people who use Ubuntu.
Shares and Printers are avaliable via MS domain creditentials, so for all us on Ubuntu that creates situation that requires to login every time using printer or using sharedrive.
How to get to situation that user types a MS login and password ie. to zenity window this is redirected to encrypted location from which samba would by default take login and password and used everytime that user is trying to get to MS based resources.
Now we have unified Ubuntu Image 12.04 LTS that cleans all data wrote by user from machine leaves only general configuration we work on generic user that after restart returns to default state. Now about restriction we’re not allowed to add machines to MS domain, and to create local account different that the generic one.