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Thread: Trying to merge accounts

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    Unhappy Trying to merge accounts

    I had an old account (Maverynthia) from a few years ago that when Ubuntu One came out I tried to merge into only I failed because the email I used wasn't the one I was using it seems. D:
    I was told an admin needed to

    After that, you will need to tell the forum admins to clear your OpenID
    association and try again.
    I'm hoping the preferred email I have set now is the one I signed up with as the only OTHER one I might have used I can't access :c (Twas a college one and they cut me off a few years after graduation and I forgot to update it here, or though I had already updated it, or though I hadn't used it as I didn't really use my student e-mail for anything but school.)

    So can an admin clear out the OpenID so I can try to merge again? Thanks.

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    Re: Trying to merge accounts

    Thread moved to Resolution Centre.
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    Re: Trying to merge accounts

    The mail address for Maverynthia is based on the user name - if that's the same one then you should get the right account on logging in - assuming you've done the sso end correctly.

    I've disassociated this one.


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