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Thread: Triple Boot? Windows, Ubuntu, and Backtrack

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    Triple Boot? Windows, Ubuntu, and Backtrack

    Hi guys.. i would like to know how to triple boot my laptop.. i already have windows 7 and ubuntu 10.04 LTS installed.. but would like to install backtrack.. (for uhm.. gaming, yeah.. for gaming.. ) . . .
    I dual booted a ton of times but the last time i did, i accidentally wiped one of my drives... something i want to avoid this time.. so this time, id like someone to walk me through it step by step if possible.. i can post about anything you need...
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    Re: Triple Boot? Windows, Ubuntu, and Backtrack

    The hardest part is partitioning. Namely, finding a chunk of free space to put this new OS. When I do this, I don't use the installer's partition manager but instead use Gparted. As long as you don't use the delete key, you should be able to right click on the partitions you want to resize and hit resize/move. Once you have your freespace, it should be easy to install. Just make sure you select the right partition of free space to put Backtrack in. As long as you select that manually (perhaps under advanced/choose your own partition format, I am not familiar with Backtrack installation off the top of my head), you should be able to install it just fine.



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