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    Floppy Diskette T-Shirt

    Saw a guy on the bus (!) yesterday wearing this T-shirt. I want one!

    Introducing the Floppy Diskette:
    *Nearly Limitless 80 kilobytes of Storage
    *State-of-The-Art Cardboard Enclosure
    *Iron Oxide Coating
    *Read-Only Storage
    *Only Eight Inches!
    Never Use a Punchcard Again!

    Punch cards... heh heh. I remember filling in circles on cards with a pencil! I was about 5 or 6 years old then, I think. Child labour laws hadn't yet been introduced for the computing industry.

    Wait a minute...!
    I think there still aren't any (hence the Google Summer of Code) !



    PS I have nothing to do with the graphic or the shirt, so please don't flame me for spam. I only saw and liked the shirt!
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