Hi, I bought a panp4 a few years back and while I'm aware it's well out of warranty I thought given the great customer service experience I had with System76 & knowledge of Ubuntu Forums I would be able to get some direction with this problem.

The problem is simple to explain: My panp4 ran great for about 2 years and then one day it simply would not power on. No LEDs, nothing. It was plugged in and suspended when I went to bed. It was well taken care of, I always monitored the temperatures and kept it on a cooling stand/pad so air could circulate beneath it. It rarely even left my desk.

I have two batteries, so I tried swapping the batteries. I think I may have tried another power cord, but I can't quite remember. It seemed unlikely that the cord would fail, (I've never had a power adapter for any device fail in the past) but if that is likely I can buy, or hopefully find someone else with a compatible cord to try. Plus, I thought there was at least enough of a charge on my second battery (since i kept it charged as backup) to get a light to flash or something if that was the case. Is there a way to test the cord besides having another compatible device (which i don't have)?

I've also heard it suggested that the power jack could fail I think? How can I test the power jack?

If I find the cord and power jack to be OK, where should I go next?

Have any other users had trouble with the panp4 in this regard?
Does System76 have any information about this model that may be helpful to my situation?

I would really like to diagnose the cause of the failure incase it's something I can repair myself fairly cheap. It was a great laptop that I was very disappointed to lose so soon.

Thanks very much in advance!