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Thread: Bootloader for booting virual disks?

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    Bootloader for booting virual disks?

    Hello everbody!
    I have a laptop that I until recently have dual-booted different linux distros and windows on. I recently started experimenting with the windows bootloader and found out that it has the capability to boot virtual images and thought that this might be handy when dual booting! However it seems limited to newer version of windows only (vista/7/8). So what I am wondering is wheter anybody knows if GRUB (or any other bootloader) has the ability to boot from any type of virtual disk image and supports booting both linux distros and windows as well? I've tried searching the web for a couple of days but haven't found anything yet so I figured that it might be worth asking the commmunity!


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    Re: Bootloader for booting virual disks?

    Is this what you are looking for?


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