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Thread: Hardware Acceleration Disabled

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    Hardware Acceleration Disabled

    Hello everyone,

    Just installed Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon on a friend's Laptop (Acer Aspire 5736Z).
    Did the installation from Windows 7 and Live USB. I wanted to keep a dual boot, in case the friend in question doesn't like Mint.
    After the installation of Mint, I ran through a few problems:
    1. Mint boots normally, but the screen is extremely dark. I plugged in my projector and was able to use Mint on it.
    2. I googled the problem, it seems common but I couldn't find an exact solution to my case. First I tried editing the "backlight" in the Grub configuration file, nothing happened, in fact when I did this, the brightness FN+Arrow stopped appearing on the screen. Then I tried nomodeset in Grub.
    3. After nomodeset, unplugged the projector, the laptop's screen is now working, but with a new problem: hardware acceleration is off, resolution was low and all graphics are jerky.
    I found out that nomodeset turns off all hardware acceleration and bypassed the intel drivers.
    This is where I'm at now.

    Apparently, running Mint from the live cd/USB does the same thing, ie black screen.
    I tried updating all drivers from Mint, nothing changed.

    Laptop specs:
    Acer Aspire 5736Z
    Graphic: Intel GMA 4500M
    4GB DDR3 Memory
    320 GB HDD

    I'm a beginner when it comes to Linux. I'm familiar with some commands and some basic tweaks but nothing more.
    So please if you have a solution, put the detailed steps.

    Thank you all,

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    Re: Hardware Acceleration Disabled

    Still have no solution.

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