After hemming and hawing for QUITE some time, I finally decided that there were updates to certain programs that I needed that 10.04 just wouldn't run. So I bit the bullet and upgraded to 12.04, knowing all the time that Unity was the new interface. As much as I hate change, I promised I would give it a try. After 24 hours, I'm done.

This is the most confusing interface I have every used. Instead of menus, I either have to type in what I want, or scroll through 193 programs all lumped together. I can't find a "Show Desktop" icon. Running programs are added to the bottom of the sidebar, meaning for me that I have to scroll down through a dozen icons to pull up one that is "minimized". I hate the "Minimize/Maximize/Close" buttons on the left side, but I can't figure out how to get them on the right...

Can some one who LIKES unity please explain to me why? What is it that appeals to you? What am I missing?

In the meantime, I am going to try and install Gnome-Panel. Failing that, I created a backup before I "upgraded," so I'll just upgrade it back to 10.04.