Hello, I have a system with UEFI and windows 8 pre installed. I have installed ubuntu 13.04, and Grub is showing up now, I was having an issue where I couldn't get it to boot into grub, however that error is fixed. Now, sometimes while booting (It seems like every other time, then I hold the power button to turn off and then turn it back on, and then it loads up into grub) it will show up a black screen that looks like this(This is not my PC, but the error is what appears to be the same)

It counts down from 5 saying to skip startup.nsh, it may even say there was an error loading startup.nsh. While I am still able to access both Ubuntu and 8, I would really like to be able to fix this issue. Is there any possible fixes? Secure boot is disabled, and so is fast startup on the windows side. It happens upon shutting down on either windows, or ubuntu.