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Thread: Ubuntu 9.10 problem.

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    Ubuntu 9.10 problem.

    Okay so basically i have a acer aspire one with ubuntu 9.10 on it, my first problem is that when starting up the notebook its takes me straight to the terminal page (no graphical log in at all) before i did have it after trying to do an update then trying a load of commands to fix my problem but i think it made it worse.

    My next problem which happened before the one above is when i tried to log in (on the graphical display where it shows my account name and that) i could log in then a black screen flashes and takes me back to the log in screen, so i cant even use the notebook at the moment.

    Please help me!

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    Re: Ubuntu 9.10 problem.

    Your first problem is that 9.10 has not been supported since 2010 ... about 3 yrs ago. All the other issues are secondary.

    Use the 12.04.3 Alternative installer to get a system that is newer and will be supported until early 2017. I didn't look up the CPU of the acer aspire one, so this installer should let you make a small install, less disk used and avoid Unity desktop.

    Have you tried booting from a live-CD to see if you can access the file system, backup your files and possibly work from that until a solution you like is possible? On a low capability system, Lubuntu is a good choice OS ... provided it will run pae kernels.


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