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    Re: anti malware programs for linux

    Quote Originally Posted by cariboo907 View Post
    @samiux , all you have been doing, is to try to spread FUD, show us some case studies, prove what you are saying.

    I'm by no means a security exert, and I know one of my accounts was exploited, wouldn't it be better to help us recognize things like this when they happen, instead of just posting veiled warnings?
    I have given my advice to you all after the Forum has been exploited. However, you transfer my thread (originally posted at Security Discussion sub-forum) to Other OS sub-forum.

    Okay, if you cannot find it yourself. I tell you once more.

    That is, employ at least one professional Penetration Testing team to pentest the Forum web application software as well as the Forum server (if the whole network is better) at least once a year.



    Edit : One hacker cannot do it, it does not mean that another hacker cannot to it.
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