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Thread: Google+ Hangouts switches to open standards

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    Google+ Hangouts switches to open standards

    For video, Google is dropping the proprietary, royalty-encumbered H.264 codec for its own VP8. VP8 was acquired and open sourced by Google in 2010 with the purchase of On2 Technologies. The new codec will require much less processing power, which Google says will enable most computers to handle 10 720p video streams at once. It should also enable higher-quality, lower-bit-rate streams across the board. The H.264 plugin will still be supported for browsers that do not support VP8: IE (of course), Safari, and older mobile clients.

    The next step for Hangouts is an upgrade to WebRTC, a browser-based video chat standard that was developed and open-sourced by Google. A combination of WebRTC and VP8 would let Hangouts function totally plugin-free in a modern browser. While WebRTC has been around for two years, there are still a few bumps in the road before Hangouts can make use of it. Hangout's current feature set includes silly overlays like hats and sunglasses that use facial recognition to follow the user's head around in real time. There is currently no way to do this in WebRTC, so Google still has some work to do.
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    Some if us us at Linux Internationals use said Hangout to play poker every Sat. and do Linux tire-kicking as needed.
    We find the overlays to be pointless...At the start,the hangout was wonderful, but over time it's got rather laggy and stupid Flash makes the comment section blink. We are hoping they eventually get it sorted out.
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