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Thread: Forgot my email so created new account ...

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    Forgot my email so created new account ...

    I have at least 2 emails which I use regularly and often ... I was in a cybercafé and forgot which was my email for this forum.


    I should appreciate having the two consolidated into the former, thank you.
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    Re: Forgot my email so created new account ...

    We don't consolidate accounts, but I can help you to get into the account of your choice, after which the duplicate accounts will be disabled.

    Assuming both the harveyp and harveyp2 accounts are yours, you have in total three forum accounts now and two Ubuntu One accounts, one associated with harveyp2 and one with Harvey_Partridge. The oldest harveyp account is not associated with an Ubuntu One account, and the email registered to the harveyp account is not the one you posted.

    If you want to get back to the harveyp account, pm me with the email registered to that account as a security check. If, however, you would prefer to use either the harveyp2 or Harvey_Partridge, please say which and I'll do the necessary as far as the forum is concerned.

    Once we've done that I'll edit out the emails you've posted to protect you from spammers. Please do not post any more email addresses publicly. We can deal with that by PM.
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