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Thread: Cantget any password I have to work?

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    Cantget any password I have to work?

    I saved my passwords on paper and do not believe I have mislabeled them or forgotten them. But every time I go to install plugins for video or check for software update it asks for a password and wont authenticate using my password. Ive tried the reboot shift select. Then ls /home (user) then passwd (user) to reset from the menu that loads prompt screen. It goes as far as entering my second new password and then rejecting the action.
    Ive tried everything else I know (which I admit is little) short of a fresh install. Which Im afraid I'll need help with as well

    Help Help Help! I hate windows and want to never go back

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    Re: Cantget any password I have to work?

    Ps8syEr; Hi Welcome to the forum .

    Here are easy instructions to reset your password in Ubuntu:

    Give this a try and advise us of the results.

    just try'n to help
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: Cantget any password I have to work?

    Just some simple stuff:

    Passwords are CaSe-SeNSitiVE
    DØŅ'T put special characters in your password unle$$ you're super sure about them
    Sometimes characters that need more than one keystroke "~" for example are registered as multiple characters and not just one
    If you get the password reseted, try first with some very simple one. If even this doesn't work, there might be a chance your keyboard input gets messed up while sending the keystrokes to the system.

    Let us know how you're progressing with this!
    Please remember to mark the thread "solved" if we have success helping you out. This helps people to look for help later on.


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