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Thread: .htaccess issue with local wordpress network activation

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    Question .htaccess issue with local wordpress network activation

    Setting up a local environment to create and test an overhaul of my site
    HP Mini Netbook
    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop
    LAMP Stack (all up-to-date versions)

    Followed instructions for activating multi-site network and all indications are successful. If I go to Network install, it tells me one is in place, but I cannot get the network admin menu on my dashboard.

    Attempts to change permalink settings bring a message that .htaccess must be updated and writable.
    mod_rewrite is installed

    allowoverride is 'All' in httpd.conf for /var/www/
    .htaccess is in /var/www/

    Original rules in .htaccess replaced with network lines as taken during install

    Already chmod 644

    Logged out and back in. Restarted apache.

    Please be kind, I'm new to Ubuntu, although I'd call myself slightly more computer savvy than your average bear. Been using the tutorials at

    Still no luck! Please help!

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    Re: .htaccess issue with local wordpress network activation

    Feeling like a moron. Apparently I didn't save the changes to the wp-config.php in the process. All better!

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