after using Ubuntu or other Linux distros for the past 6 years I have installed windows 8 64 bit yesterday and it is currently the only OS installed on my desktop pc.

the experience of installing windows 8 was that it was fast and it installed all the drivers for my computer, I installed the latest stable NVidia drivers from there site, then installed AVG free edition but I could have stayed with windows defender. downloaded and installed updates which annoyingly asks you to install a browser, before the update IE10 tile was on the start screen which disappeared after the update. so you have to repin the IE10 icon back if that's what you want to use. it is really strange setup. downloaded couple of other programs and installed them. started to use it and over the next several hours I kept getting system freezes/hanging nothing happens the mouse cursor just stops and nothing works. so I updated to the latest 326 beta NVidia driver from 320.49 WHQL and it still happened. did some searches and eventually found that if I downgraded the NVidia to 314 WHQL it works without the freezing so that is what I did and it seems to work fine now, when I downgraded to the older driver it seemed to knock out the multimedia keys on keyboard and IR remote control so I had to find a solution for that which is to set the HID access service to automatic and start it.

I think what I am trying to say is that no matter what OS you are installing or setting up nothing is perfect and you can hit difficulties with any OS. I have seen it lots of time that people get annoyed with Linux saying it doesn't work and it is to hard to get it to work the same can be said with windows if the drivers aren't working correctly with your HW.