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Thread: Unable to Run .exe files

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    Unable to Run .exe files

    I get the error message when ever i try to run .exe files. See the error messsage belo (sorry for the huge capture). I totally want to use this Operating system moving forward but my day to day work application files seems not to run. I am using 13.04 desktop 64bit. I am a beginner, please assist.

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    Re: Unable to Run .exe files

    Hi - .exe files that you are trying to run are likely to be Windows software - they won't work as it stands, some might work with Wine.

    Try to give us more details of what you are trying to run.

    Have a look at this as well -

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    Re: Unable to Run .exe files

    .exe files are Windows files.
    They, by design, don't work on linux.
    There is a program that may make them work.
    It is called wine.
    You can install it from the software center.
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    Re: Unable to Run .exe files

    Ubuntu is not an Operating System like Microsoft Windows. It is more acurately described as a Linux distribution. This means that an installation of Ubuntu comes with various applications/programs and many more applications are availbale for download in the Ubuntu Software Centre. There may be Linux applications that can do what you need just as well those you are using in Windows. The important thing is not the program but the data files/documents that contain your work. It may be possible to import those data files into Linux applications.

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