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Thread: Something is wrong :)

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    Exclamation Something is wrong :)

    Same old story, different day.

    While we are supposed to be a Free Open Source Software Community, and everyone (I think?) can share his/her thought and as this sub-forum says: "Forum Feedback and Help", well, I guess something is seriously wrong.

    Every time I discuss something with you, you either give me a warning or close my thread.

    Is this the freedom of speech we seek here? what exactly you are trying to prove? it is either I blindly agree with whatever you say and obey or my mouth will be shut?

    How we are suppose to build a community based on Ubuntu Philosophy and every time someone disagrees with you and try his best to explain to you, you stop him and close his thread and warn him???!!!

    I am not really sure what is going on. I do not think this is right. Something is wrong.

    Please, don't judge without knowing the fact. You have refused even to read the links I am providing. You ask Qs and you answer that Q yourself. How come?

    "I don't need to look now"

    How you are suppose to understand what I'm saying if you are not listening? then I'm accused of not listening?

    How to file a complaint against the way Ubuntu Forum Staff is dealing with members over here? please answer me!

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    Re: Something is wrong :)

    Every time I discuss something with you, you either give me a warning or close my thread.
    The issue is that we tell you things - you never listen.

    We had exactly the same problem with trying to get you to use wiki instead of spamming the forum with thread after thread regarding Lubuntu.

    This is a forum - a support forum. It is not Google+ nor Facebook nor Twitter.

    I told you that the best place to take this BT resurrection was Discourse - that place is designed for the chat type area you are thinking of.

    "I don't need to look now"
    No - I didn't need to look - I already had earlier today.

    I know what is going on with that mailing list as I look once every few weeks to see if anything has been happening. You are new to BT - I was part of it many years ago, it's not a new thing to me.

    We told you we wouldn't be creating specific areas for BT - but still you argue the point.

    What you are perhaps not aware of is that there used to be a BT area on the forum - it was closed a long time ago due to the team scaling down what they did.

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    Re: Something is wrong :)

    You need to be aware that currently:

    • There is a debate among staff about how the Absolute Beginners Section should be managed, prompted by an interesting thread in the Cafe.
    • There is a debate about a possible reduction and rationalisation of the number of sub-fora, rather than an increase, as I mentioned before.
    • There is a debate about the range and relevance of chat forums, and whether we can arrange them better or not.

    While those debates continue, the needs of all forum members will be kept in mind, beginners included.
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