Hello everyone.

I decided to try Ubuntu but with KDE once again, as the last version i used full-time was 8.08 if i'm not mistaken.

Anyway, I installed via Wubi on my Acer 5750 laptop. So far so good, everything is working and responding as it should, except for the screen brightness controls.
Now, the buttons I didn't really expect to work (FN + left or right), but the ones for sounds do, as well as every other FN + * button combination.
But the screen brightness controls don't. I tried regulating the brightness from the Energy Saving Settings (powerdevil I believe?) and they do not respond at all. No matter how I change it, then apply and OK it, the brightness just stays at 100%.

I've found this solution http://www.chakra-project.org/bbs/vi....php?pid=68842 and I want try it out, but I don't know how to add to the kernel line (sorry, not exactly a poweruser)

If you guys can clarify how to do that for me or if you have some other solution in mind, I would be more than grateful.

Thank you for your time.