I figured out, that Ubuntu uses in some countries the wrong English spelling variant and the wrong locale setting. I figured it out while using the installer from the standard Ubuntu graphical installer, tested it both on Ubuntu 12.04.x and 13.04.

I always selected English as language and tried it with differenct countries (per timezone/keyboard) as selection during the installing process.

When I select:
India -- American English spelling is used, but it should be British English since British English is the offical spelling variant of India. Also, English (United States) is used as locale setting, which is wrong. The same with Singapore, it also uses wrongly the American spelling on Ubuntu.
Namibia -- American English spelling is wrongly automatically selected, but in this case it should be also British English, because British English is the offical spelling variant of Namibia. Also, English (US) is wrongly used as standard locale setting. Since there is no individual locale setting for Namibia available, English (South Africa) should be used. (or an individual for Namibia should be created.
Denmark -- English (United States) is selected as default, even though there exists a English (Denmark) locale variant. Also, it uses wrongly the American spelling. British spelling should be preferred in this case, because it's the language, that children learn in school and the standard language of the European Union.
Germany (and other European countries) -- When I want to use the English language in a country of the European Union (I tried it in the case of Germany) not English (US) should be the default locale format, but English (Ireland) since that is the closest which corresponds with European standards (date format, units and currency) or an individiual locale for European countries/the EU should be created. Also, the British spelling should be preferred, since that is what we learn in school and is used by all European institutions.

Thanks for your advantage.

With sincerly regards,