Hello All.

I am having problems with write access to my vista partition, I am told that using ntfs-3g will solve my problems

Well it looks as thought the next thing I am going to play with is going to be the fstab and stuff, I'm learning so much Linux command line stuff it is brilliant.

one quick question before I run and leap into this procedure....

there are various options for the drive in the fstab, can anyone point me in the direction of what they are and how I add them to the file. I know I just need to edit the file, but what is the "code" for the different levels of access so as I can see if it currently mounting the system without permisions, so as I can at least add them to Super user and then chown a subdirectory (or better still partition a bunch away for personal stuff shared between desktops!)

keep up the god work all your geeky guru's. I'm hoping land a unix junior admin job at some point in the future, so I will be relying on you an awful lot.

Oh and thanks in advance for the help, you are all stars.