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Thread: HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method)

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    Re: HOWTO: NTFS with read/write support using ntfs-3g (easy method)

    When I mount the drives only the first one shows up on my desktop.
    no way around that yet. It only links the first drive under ntsf-3g in fstab. You can always create a bookmark in nautilus for the others you don't see on the desktop.
    when I do "umount -a" and then "mount -a" my external drive does not remount.
    using "mount" command will not give you full access and will most probably conflict with fuse command. man ntsf-3g for proper commands.

    >Mount /dev/hda1 to /mnt/windows using ntfs-3g:

    Root access only:
    sudo ntfs-3g /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows
    Full access for all users:
    sudo ntfs-3g /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows -o silent,umask=0,locale=utf8
    > Umount /mnt/windows:
    sudo fusermount -u /mnt/windows
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