Hello guys, I am having a bad problem and I made 2 posts about it now. I've gotten no responce and I hope this changes.
I've recently built a new computer and it is mainly for ArmA 2, I gathered up left over parts like my 40GB HDD and my 2GB DDR3 ram.
But the others I bought and the total cost was $150, I can run Minecraft maxed out at over 100 FPS, BF:BC2 high-max without lag, and more games.
I've used RecordMyDesktop, Kazam, and I used GLC. All had the same exact problem, no difference what so ever. It happened on differnet distributions too!

LinuxMint 14 MATE
LinuxMint 14 KDE
(More I forgot to name)

Here are my specifications

CPU: AMD Athlon ii x4 640 OC 4.2 Ghz QUADCORE
GPU: Galaxy GT 640 OC 970Mhz Clock
Ram: 2GB DDR3 Hynix
OS: Xubuntu 12.04
Test Game: Minecraft 1.6.2

Is there any way to fix it? I think it's my ram but is there a way to actually do something with my ram if it is? Please respond and I'll be happy to give more information!